Coronado Grand®


Coronado Grand is an acrylic paint and primer designed to provide exceptional washability, durability and coverage. Easy to apply with great flow and leveling for a beautiful finish, Grand is a first-class paint that enlivens any room.

  • Dries to a smooth finish
  • Withstands frequent cleanings
  • Exceptional durablity
  • Easy application
  • Low VOC

Available Sheens: Matte (701 line), Eggshell (702 line), Semi-Gloss (704 line)

Available Colors: White, Pastel Base, Tint Base, and Deep Base, Accent Base

Cleanup: Warm, soapy water

Resin Type: Acrylic Latex

Recommended Use: Interior

MPI Rating: 44 (702 Line), 54 (704 Line)

VOC Level: 50 g/L

*Color not available in all sheens. Contact your local Coronado Paint dealer for product availability, including sizes, colors, and sheens.